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Future Medical Helps Mercy Ships Radiology Department onboard hospital ship Africa Mercy

Onboard the Africa Mercy, there is a GE Lightspeed VCT PRO32. The current model does not have the capabilities to perform 3D volume rendering. Previously there has only been the opportunity to produce MPR’s.

Radiology equipment experts Future Medical knew they wanted to get involved with the charity Mercy Ships. Procurement Director Leon Parsons explained “Here at Future Medical we purchase used diagnostic imaging equipment so we discovered we may be able to help. Future Medical were able to donate a 3D workstation for the GE Lightspeed VCT which would provide vital support to the radiology staff on-board Africa Mercy. We were delighted to help and enable this incredible charity to provide life changing medical care to places where they have basic, or no surgical provisions”.

Martha Henderson, Senior Radiology Technologist and Hospital Support Services Manager on Africa Mercy (Conakry, Guinea) said “The introduction of the 3D Advantage Workstation, has enabled greater visualisation of the complex cases that we encounter on-board. The 3D images are sent to the PACS server, so that they can be viewed throughout the entire Hospital. The surgeons on-board can use the images as part of the pre-operative assessment and planning.

CT 3D reconstructions are produced daily in any Radiology Department in a high resource country such as the UK., therefore having the ability to produce these as part of the initial Diagnostic Imaging of the patients of West Africa has been vital in assisting in their care.

This workstation gives the opportunity across many specialities. Particularly maxillofacial but also urology.  In this case a CT scan of the head and neck was performed with contrast to assess the anatomy, and also disease spread. It was reported via teleradiology by Radiologists in Canada, and identified as likely cystic ameloblastoma. The patient was operated on and a 3.9kg mass was removed.”

Mercy Ships are always looking for volunteers to work on-board in the radiology department and for other positions:  http://www.mercyships.org/volunteer/

Charity –   Photos © Mercy Ships/ photographer Lara Arkinstall

Future Medical Helps Mercy Ships Radiology Department

Charity, maxillofacial patient, before and after surgery.


Charity, maxillofacial patient, before surgery.


Charity, maxillofacial patient, in the wards after her surgery.

Mercy Ships

Charity, maxillofacial patient, after her surgery.

Martha Henderson (UK) Senior Radiology Technologist and Hospital Support Services Manager, Africa Mercy (left) and Larry Hewitt, (Can) Senior Biomedical Technician, Africa Mercy (right)  Photo © Mercy Ships Gedeon Lamah

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